Zindn shield brand advantage

① Hard core technology

     Professional focus, leading the industry

  • Industry standard setter, leading industry development

  • Technical leader in waterborne industrial coatings industry

  • High-performance anti-corrosion, long-term anti-corrosion for more than 25 years

There are professional products dedicated to long-term anti-corrosion zinc shield water-based cold spray zinc, water-based epoxy, water-based acrylic, water-based alkyd, water-based polyurethane and other series.

Maintain long-term corrosion protection for more than 25 years in various corrosive environments

20+ high-performance anti-corrosion related inventions and patented technologies

15 years of technical experience, thousands of customers recognize and trust

1000+ National Large-scale Demonstration Project Application Cases


② Ingenuity and perseverance

     Become the "Huawei" of the anti-corrosion industry

  • Focus on the field of water-based antiseptic

  • More than 10 years of R&D and promotion experience

  • Determined to innovate and keep making progress

Zindn Shield has strong R&D strength and rich industry technology resource integration experience. It has accumulated more than 10 years of R&D and use experience in the field of water-based coatings. At the same time, it has established a modern three-dimensional R&D alliance to form a highly integrated industry, university and research.

Determined to innovate constantly, lead the industry to continue to develop and progress, and promote the development of domestic industrial anti-corrosion towards good, energy-saving and environmental protection. The goal is to become "Huawei" in the field of anti-corrosion coatings in China.

Multi-scenario and multi-industry corrosion conditions, providing multi-faceted one-stop solutions.


③Extreme service

     Customers first

  • NACE qualification

  • Real-time technical answers

  • Project follow-up visits regularly

Zindn Shield has a group of technical personnel with rich concepts and practical experience returning from overseas, and cooperates with many domestic universities and research institutes to build an academic and application cooperation platform. In response to the needs of different customers, we can solve the anti-corrosion process and construction problems of environmental protection policy changes for the customers at the first time. Both the technical level and strength are at the forefront of the industry.

The Zindn Shield team keeps providing professional and accurate services to customers for 7*24 hours, and tracks and monitors every project and every detail problem.

The Zindn Shield team possesses international authoritative NACE certification and rich on-site construction experience, providing customers with multi-faceted good service and professional technical answers.


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