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Social Responsibility of Zindn Shield

Pay attention to product quality and safety, care for the ecological environment, pay attention to social public welfare, and actively take social responsibility for enterprise development.

Resolutely control product quality

High standards, strict requirements, good supervision, and never let a bucket of unqualified water-based paint flow out of the factory area.

Caring for the ecological environment

Join the zindn shield "low carbon blue sky" alliance and join hands with zindn shield to "reduce the burden" for the earth.

Each ton of cold sprayed zindn can reduce about 100 tons of galvanized steel. Each ton of plated parts consumes 160 degrees of electricity and consumes 1 ton of water. Each ton of cold sprayed zindn can save 16,000 degrees of electricity and save 100 tons of water. In total, we can reduce our planet: carbon dioxide 16000*0.997=15952kg, sulfur dioxide 16000*0.03=480kg, nitrogen oxides 16000*0.015=240kg, carbon dust 16000*0.272=4352kg, sewage discharge 100 tons.


    The Ningbo Chunxiao Bridge project has reduced:

     Carbon dioxide: 119150kg x 15.95kg = 1900442.5kg

     Sulfur dioxide: 119150kg x 0.48kg = 57192kg

     Nitrogen oxide: 119150kg x 0.24kg = 28596kg

     Carbon dust: 119150kg x 4.35kg= 518302.5kg

     Sewage discharge: 11915t


     The Zhuhai Hengqin Second Bridge project has reduced:


      Carbon dioxide: 34990kg x 15.95kg = 558090.5kg

      Sulfur dioxide: 34990kg x 0.48kg = 16795.2kg

      Nitrogen oxide: 34990kg x 0.24kg = 8397.6kg

      Carbon dust: 34990kg x 4.35kg = 152206.5kg

      Sewage discharge: 3499t


Zindn Shield Sustainable Development Vision

Sustainable development is an important part of the strategic development of zinc shield enterprises. Zinc Shield abides by the corporate mission of "Technology Protection World Hengxin", by using high-pressure airless spraying in environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coatings-cold spray zinc products, reducing exhaust pollutants and saving by single-layer thick film coating Raw materials. Zinc Shield always strives to balance the relationship between economy and environment, and develop more systematically and harmoniously.

Focus on social welfare

Together with responsible enterprises in the same industry, Zinc Shield advocates and establishes a "low-carbon blue sky" enterprise charity alliance and charity fund. Zinc Shield promises that for every kilogram of cold-sprayed zinc produced, it will spend 0.1 yuan to invest in a public welfare fund. The fund will be openly and fairly invested in the actual environmental protection activities and notarized throughout the process.

Responsible companies are welcome to join the "Low-Carbon Blue Sky" Corporate Public Welfare and Environmental Protection Alliance, and contribute to the protection of our earth home!

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