Water-based Cold-spray Zinc

Characteristics of cold-spray zinc



Efficient and environmentally friendly

Replace hot dip galvanizing/hot spray zinc, upgrade zinc rich coating

Single layer 25 years anti-corrosion life

No thermal deformation, safety and environmental protection

Single component, easy to repair, good matching

Pure water is used as diluent, no odor during construction, can be used in commercial areas, stations, etc.

Normal construction in places with large flow of people, especially suitable for industrial and civilian crowds

Anti-corrosion maintenance and renewal of steel structure, and construction of confined spaces inside steel structures such as bridges.



High corrosion resistance

With zinc as a shield, firmly stainless

Coating zinc content ≥92%, pure zinc ≥99.995%

Double protection, stainless steel fillet weld

25 years of maintenance-free, the investment of anti-corrosion of the whole life is reduced by 67%

Single-group water-based cold sprayed zinc with "H-INHIBITION" patented technology, good construction performance,

Solve the difficult problems of poor construction and poor performance of water-based anticorrosive coatings in the past

Heavy-duty and general anti-corrosion in various environments can be used in single layer and supporting.



Convenient construction

Galvanizing is as easy as painting

Sprayable and brushable, roller coating and other methods

Single component, ready to use

One-component solution solves the three-component packaging of inorganic zinc-rich coatings in the past, and zinc powder cannot be stored in water.

On-site mixing, filtration, uneven mixing and other difficulties



Private brand ZD

Become the "Huawei" of the anticorrosion industry

Industry standard setter, leading industry development

The third generation of zinc shield cold spray zinc, salt spray resistance 10000 hours, 6MPA-20 MPA adhesion, 5000 hours

Resistant to cathodic peeling

Characteristics of cold-spray zinc

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Inspection report

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Technical comparison

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